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What we teach


Each student will need to complete basic art before moving on to any other study. 

We believe in a strong foundation. There are required projects that each student must complete before progressing to painting. 

  • Basic drawing

  • Shading 

  • Perspective

  • Coloring pencil

  • Water color

  • Oil painting

  • inking



Information and pricing



a few notes about us

We go at the students pace. We keep our class sizes small so we can assist each student one-on-one. 

Parents are not allowed in the classroom during class as it distracts other students.

Most of all we want each student to leave feeling like art is fun!

We also offer...

We also offer the ability to study in greater detail the options below, each student must complete all beginner projects to advance. 

Comic book 



Advanced oils

Advanced watercolor


Art Journaling


  • $110.00 per month per child

  • Supplies are included

  • Payment is due by the 7th. 

  • No pro rating.

  • No refunds.

  • $10.00 late fee if payment is recieved after the 7th. 


Once our students complete the required projects they move onto focusing on their passion. 

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